Peace of Mind

Purchase Plan

Get the inside information on the home We'll give you private access to any property for sale
and show you the records and history we have on the home.
Know the current market value of the house • comparable homes that are currently on the market
• that are currently under contract
• that have closed (sold) in the past several months
• the home's real value, not guess-timates
Learn the circumstances surrounding the sale • pre-existing conditions of the house
• seller's financing terms
• listing history
Know the most appropriate offer to make • the right amount to deposit in earnest money
• what to include in your terms of contract
• how to negotiate the contingencies

Maximize your purchasing power Let us guide you through your options. Analyze your loan qualifications • credit rating, credit capacity, capital and collateral

Coordinate the closing You set the closing date, we'll help you close it. Make sure everyone is working on your deal • mortgage lender, closing agent, title company
• survey and home inspector
• title search, mortgage insurance, escrow agent
Be confident during walk-through inspection • know if all conditions of contract have been met
• determine if funds may be withheld from seller

Peace of Mind Purchase Plan

Free peace of mind
with each purchase.

Purchase any home listed in the MLS
through one of our WHY Realty specialists
and enjoy the benefits of our
Peace of Mind Purchase Plan.™

No additional fees

Protect your interests We can coordinate the closing, negotiate your interests and, most importantly, prevent surprises. Documents and affidavits prepared in advance • homeowner's insurance, escrow
• deed, note and mortgage
• HUD-1 and TIL Statements
Know in advance the actual costs • origination, escrow and fees
• points, rate caps, payment caps
• final reckoning and bottom line
no surprises
dedicated representation of YOUR interests

WHY means We Hear You

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about buying or selling real estate in Pinellas County, Florida. It is our goal to help you make the most of your real estate investment.


    We never share your private information.

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